Table of Contents

The Rules of the Social Class Con Game 

Social class as cultural imperialism 

 Monocultural Bias and Multicultural Bias

Social Class Categories are Stupid

The 67.5%, Anti-Intellectualism, and Oppression by the Educated Class

The secret handshake, one reason for campus orientation programs, and one reason orientation fails

Check your first-world privilege

The US Presidential primary and class warfare

The ruling class

Social class in emerging economies

The students' guide to becoming upper-middle class

How do I change my social class?

An egalitarian in a hierarchical world

Is your designer purse a microaggression

The new social class war code words

It's not always about class, and class is always part of it.

iPhones and social class

5 things you need to know about social class

Social class code-switching or trans-cultural communication?

Etiquette and campus 

SES is not social class

Curiosity about social class

Is classism funny now?

Hipsters and social class

What are poor and lower class people like?

What are lower-middle-middle class people like?

What are middle-middle class people like?

What are upper-middle-middle class people like?

What are upper-middle class people like?

Social class and cyborgs

What is my social class

Social class cultural capital knowledge quiz (structured experience). By Will Barratt, Meagan Caholl, Angie carlen, Minnette Huck, Drew Lurker, Stacy Ploskonka

Step into social class 2.0 (structured experience). By Will Barratt, Meagan Caholl, Angie carlen, Minnette Huck, Drew Lurker, Stacy Ploskonka

Talking about social class on campus

First generation serving institutions - FGSIs

Middle-class values

Who is the middle class?

Klout, social media, social status, and social class

Reflected social status and social class

The Barratt simplified measure of social status (BSMSS)

Social class is hidden in plain sight

Celebrate social class diversity

Google "celebrate social class"

Emotionality, rationality, social class, and student retention on campus

Unpacking social class privilege

Gender, ethnicity, and social class: Which is more important?

Field guide to social class status strivers (Humor) 

Darwinian College, the free market natural law college experience

Reflections on the perception of privilege

Social class of origin narrative experience.  By Will Barratt, Dan Boyle, Jason Bushnell, and Melissa Michalek.

Left brain, right brain, and social class

On getting 5000 hits on the blog

An interaction model of social class

Social class consciousness on campus

Social class in English language movies

Multiple social class lenses and concepts

Why is social class important

Social class book publishing

Stars, winners, special people, losers, and hierarchy: How social class is different from gender, ethnicity, GLBTQ, and other forms of difference.

Social class hierarchy and inequity - How social class is different than gender and ethnitity

Social networks, social capital, and social class


"People talk about class because they don't want to talk about race."

Designer label colleges

The unmarked

Classism and the 10% rule in Texas

Not naming class on campus

Social class and education: Reproduction, replication, or resistance. By Rob Longwell-Grice, EdD, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Class key words and secret language

Where you start matters

Something new

Where does class fit in the diversity circle?

Part 0 - Your experience of social class

Kathleen Mullins - The experience of first generation, working class graduate students by Kathleen Mullins

Part 2 - Class myths

Part 1 - Introduction to social class

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