Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Curiosity about social class

Will Barratt, Ph.D.

Viewing the statistics for this blog have proven interesting to me.  Below is the data for February 12 - March 12 2013.

First, most of the pageviews come through Google searches around the world.  Second, the pageview count reflects the academic calendar in the northern hemisphere, with the most pageviews coming in February and March, which is typically when students are preparing their papers for a course.

Note that the keyword searches listed below are quite broad and that the 2128 pageviews for the month are not reflected in the search words.  Consequently people are finding this material through a variety of searches, and about 1/3 use Google in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, India, and the Philippians. 

For me the posts that get read are telling.  While I have posts on each of the five major social class groups, the post on "What are upper-middle class people like" gets more pageviews than any other group.  My guess is that people are doing mesearch and are trying to find out something about themselves and their social class group.  This goes along with the search words "middle class values", "what is my social class" and "what is upper middle class".

A consistent surprise is the search for "movies about social class" and the number of pageviews on the post of the same topic are telling.  This post is consistently ranked in the top ten, which leads me to believe that the list of films needs to be annotated, but perhaps people are linking to IMDB for more information on each of the movies listed.

A second consistent surprise is the lack of comments on blog entries.  While blogs have the capability for discussion and commentary my suspicion is that readers treat blog entries as text only.  While the occasional comments do pop up, they are often from people I know.

All time pageviews
At the bottom of the tables below is the list of all time pageviews by posts.  Since posting the topic "Why is social class important?" it has been widely viewed, which reflects my notion that people are increasingly curious about social class in their own lives.  The second most popular post is a surprise to me.  "An interaction model of social class" is kind of dry and academic and was written for people to understand the complexities of social class.  I am pleasantly surprised by the fact the people at least look at that material.

Scholarship and Blogs
We have had discussions on my campus, usually with only a few people in attendance since it is an odd topic, on scholarship and blogs.  Over 21,000 people have at least looked at my material.  Occasionally I will search to see if any of this material appears on journals or on line in any way and am often pleasantly surprised to see it referenced - sort of an Internet citation index.  The whole "Interaction model" has been copied and is available on a Non-US campus web site.  I occasionally find blog entries on US campus web sites and politely ask web editors to either take it down or ask permission, which I freely grant.

Does over 21,000 pageviews count as peer review of a sort?  

Social Class on Campus Blog Statistics for February 12 - March 12

Pageviews by Search Words
27 middle class values
10 what is my social class
8 socialclassoncampus.blogspot.com
8 what is upper middle class
7 characteristics of upper middle class
7 first-generation college graduates who become physicians reflect:
7 social class
6 occupational prestige rankings 2011
5 barratt simplified measure of social status
5 movies about social class

Pageviews by Post
165 What is my social class?
160 Why is social class important?
145 Middle-Class Values
118 Part 2 - Class Myths
111 The Barratt Simplified Measure of Social Status (B...
103 Part 1 - Introduction to social class
65 Unpacking Social Class Privilege
59 Social Class Cultural Capital Knowledge Quiz
46 Gender, ethnicity, and Social Class: Which is more...
39 What are upper-middle class people like?

Pageviews by Locations

1339 United States
124 United Kingdom
52 Germany
50 Sweden
45 Canada
45 India
26 France
17 Australia
17 Philippines
16 Brazil

Social Class on Campus Blog Statistics for All Time
Pageviews by Post

1376 Why is social class important?
970 An interaction model of social class
722 Unpacking Social Class Privilege
538 The Barratt Simplified Measure of Social Status
529 Social class in English language movies
438 Part 2 - Class Myths
426 What is my social class?
317 Part 1 - Introduction to social class
307 Left Brain, Right Brain, and Social Class
286 Middle-Class Values

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Is classism funny now?

Both of these images were found on Reddit/Imgur and labeled as about "White girls" which is in itself odd.  They are really about a specific social class performance of certain types of young people, not necessarily European-American.

How is this OK?