Guidelines for guest authors

I am always interested in having other people contribute to this blog, so please give it some thought.

Blogs should be about some aspect of social class and some aspect of campus or campus life.  

Blogs should be between 1 page (300 words) and 10 pages (3000 words).  Shorter is better.  This allows the author and reader to focus on one single point clearly.  Many readers like shorter pieces.  Think about creating a series of blogs is you have a lot to say.  It is easy to hyperlink blogs.  

You will be responsible for APA format, editing, and reference checking.  Please make sure to check your work for plagiarism using a product like Turnitin.  I can help with developmental editing, but I am not a great copy editor.

If you have used graphics you must make sure that you have permission to use them, or they must be original works.

If you will send me an email I will tell you how many page views your blog has received so that you can use that number for self promotion purposes.

Each blog will have a comment section, so you may seek comments in your blog.

Send a computer readable file to will dot barratt at indstate dot edu.  The process involves copying and pasting your text into the blog template, and then clicking the Publish button.  

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