Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Social Class Cultural Capital Knowledge Quiz

Will Barratt, Andrew Lurker, Angela Carlen, Meagan Cahill, Minnette Huck, Stacy Ploskonka
Indiana State University
2007 (re-posted here)

The following is a quiz about knowledge that is related to social class. No one is expected to get a perfect score for either the Blue or the Red questions, and most people know the answers to more questions in one column or the other.   

Blue Questions
Red Questions

  1. What does Dooney and Burke make?
    1. Hats
    2. Gloves
    3. Shoes
    4. Handbags

  1. What is the Ryder Cup?
    1. A Polo championship
    2. A horse race
    3. A golf tournament
    4. A sailboat race

  1. What is Zabars?
    1. A haberdasher
    2. A delicatessen
    3. A hotel
    4. A resort

  1. What is a “Double Windsor”?
    1. A shotgun
    2. A mixed drink
    3. Pleats in trousers
    4. A tie knot

  1. Where does the fish fork go?
    1. Above your plate
    2. With the forks on the outside
    3. With the forks in the middle
    4. With the forks on the inside

  1. Who wrote “The Four Seasons”?
    1. Vivaldi
    2. Beethoven
    3. Mozart
    4. Verdi

  1. What is a Purdy Over and Under?
    1. A bunk bed at camp
    2. A commercial grade stove
    3. A double cam motor
    4. A shotgun

  1. What are Kona and Blue Mountain?
    1. Resorts
    2. Hotels
    3. Islands
    4. Coffee

  1. What glass is used for Pinot Noir?
    1. White wine
    2. Red wine
    3. Goblet
    4. Tumbler

  1. What are Damsels, Nymphs and Streamers?
    1. Women’s’ clubs
    2. Drugs
    3. Fishing flies
    4. Exotic dancers

  1. What does a shop steward do?
    1. Cleans and serves
    2. Collects union dues
    3. Represents workers
    4. Represents management

  1. White clothing is washed in:
    1. Hot water
    2. Warm water
    3. Cold water
    4. Any temperature water

  1. Who is number 8?
    1. Jeff Gordon
    2. Jeff Gordon Jr.
    3. Dale Earnhart
    4. Dale Earnhart, Jr.

  1. Who sang “Achy breaky heart”?
    1. Johnny Cash
    2. Robert Johnson
    3. Billy Ray Cyrus
    4. Billy Bob Johnson

  1. What does DeWalt make?
    1. Boats
    2. Power tools
    3. Fishing rods
    4. Wheel rims

  1. BOGO is a:
    1. Laundry term
    2. Sale term
    3. Fishing term
    4. BBQ term

  1. What are spinners and wobblers?
    1. Drunks
    2. Drinks
    3. Fishing lures
    4. Exotic dancers

  1. What is a funnel cake?
    1. A bundt cake
    2. Fair food
    3. A birthday cake
    4. An elephant ear

  1. What is a ‘full pull’?
    1. A tool term
    2. A tractor term
    3. A drug term
    4. A drag race term

  1. What is used in Snipe hunting?
    1. No. 8 shot
    2. .22 rifles
    3. Trot line
    4. Bag and a stick

Blue Question Points ________

Red Question Points _______

Group experience facilitator directions to be read to the group.

Please take a few minutes to take the quiz. Circle what you think is the best answer for each question. When you are done I will read the answers and you will score your own quiz.

Scoring: Read this to the group
First I am going to read the answers to the Blue Questions answers and then the answers to the Red Questions. When we are done scoring your quiz add up the number of correct answers in each column.  

Blue Question Answer Key

  1. D - handbags
  2. C - a golf tournament
  3. B - a delicatessen
  4. D - a tie knot
  5. C - with the forks in the middle
  6. A - Vivaldi
  7. D - a shotgun
  8. D - coffee
  9. B - red wine
  10. C - fishing flies

Red Question Answer Key

  1. C - represents workers
  2. A - hot water
  3. D - Dale Earnhart Jr.
  4. C - Billy Ray Cyrus
  5. B - Power Tools
  6. B - Sale term
  7. C - fishing lures
  8. B - fair food
  9. B - a tractor tern
  10. D - bag and a stick

Discussion questions

  1. Who got 5 or more blue points? How many did you get? How many red points did you get?
  2. Who got 5 or more red points? How many did you get? How many blue points did you get?
  3. Who got 5 or more points on the blue and 5 or more on the blue?
  4. Did completing this quiz make you feel more upscale or down scale?
  5. Did you score higher or lower than you expected?
  6. What are some examples of other types of social class cultural capital that you or others might have?
  7. How did you feel about not knowing certain things from your group, or from the other group.
  8. Did this increase your awareness of the kinds of cultural capital that other social class groups have?
 Note:  This material was developed as a group experience in 2007.  Feel free to use this but please reference the authors when you copy or use this. 


Amy said...

A couple of observations:
1) I think your answer for blue question 6 is wrong, or at least ambiguous. The fish fork goes on the outside if the courses are eaten in the traditional order: fish, meat, salad. Many Americans now eat the salad first, but some still stick to the old system.
2) Red question 2 is also questionable. It's traditional to wash whites in hot water, but research shows that cold water is actually adequate for lightly soiled clothing, regardless of color. Environmental groups often advocate washing everything in cold.
3) So, if I get 8 points out of 10 on both lists, where does that put me on the class scale?

Amy said...

Sorry, I meant blue question 5. (Though regarding blue question 6, I think you meant "Verdi" for choice D, rather than "Verde.")